The leading life sciences event in the Baltics

September 17-18, 2025 | Vilnius, Lithuania

About Life Sciences Baltics

Life Sciences Baltics brings together top decision makers and the next generation of founders and talents from the Baltics, all in one place. They will be joined by CEOs of companies and startups, tech scouts and researchers from all around the world, to create a potential for deep cooperation across traditional boundaries and take up a lasting learning journey. The event is hosted by Innovation Agency Lithuania. Let’s get ahead of the game!

More about forum
  • Spotlights on Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals: Playground for Everyone
  • Digital Health Technologies: Normal has been redefined
  • Multilayers in Medical Technology
  • What’s Next: Emerging Trends in Life Sciences

Spotlights on Biotechnology

The development of breakthrough health initiatives from biotech is already transforming our future and the way we treat diseases, correct genetic defects, or prevent the spread of infections. Understanding these trends in biotech can push biotech companies and research centres to innovate and embrace the explosive growth potential of the industry.

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Pharmaceuticals: Playground for Everyone

Pharma players are up against a new set of challenges. They also are leveraging the power of new tools in the form of advanced treatments and cutting edge manufacturing methods. The long term evolution has begun – it is a path with unimagined growth opportunities

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Digital Health Technologies: Normal has been redefined

Digital technologies are unlocking untapped value for all players across health community. With millions of new devices, AI based solutions, IoT integration, emerging mHealth technologies and huge waves of new data being collected, the ongoing digital transformation redefines how we perceive and develop healthcare.

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Multilayers in Medical Technology

In a quickly shifting environment, capturing the opportunity requires a new approach of medtech innovators. It is at the utmost importance to design the technologies that would meet the needs of patients, employees and healthcare professionals in previously unimagined ways.

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What’s Next: Emerging Trends in Life Sciences

Are there trends that would pierce through what is already going on in life sciences? Have you ever thought about the impact of metaverse, gene editing or nanomedicine that are pioneering a new future for human and innovators interactions? It is critical that we reflect the future of the industry proactively and responsibly.

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Who‘s attending

  • 800 Participants
  • 60 Exhibitors
  • 40+ Investors
  • 40 Countries