Prof. Jurga Bernatonienė

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

I am working in the Faculty of Pharmacy in the department of Drug Technology and Social Pharmacy which form part of the Centre of the Novel pharmaceutical and health technologies. The area of my scientific interests is development of the new pharmaceutical technologies. I have a large experience in formulation of various pharmaceutical forms such as  powders, dry extracts, modern micro or nano-capsules that could be used further to produce tablets, capsules, suppositories, ovules, herbal tea preparations;  as gels, creams, ointments and their modifications, for example, emulgels for the skin care products and etc.  Inovative technologies could be used  for the creation of end-products that could be proposed for the wide audience of potential customers. The main customers are pharmaceutical companies, veterinary medicine companies, health care institutions and etc.

I am the co-author of more than 60 scientifical manuscripts, doctoral student´s supervisor, the manager and active participant of national and international projects.

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