Dr. Jekaterina Kazantseva

Cellin Technologies

Jekaterina Kazantseva is a Head of Research and Development at Cellin Technologies, CMO providing cGMP services for cellular therapies manufacturing and clinical trials in Tallinn, Estonia. Jekaterina`s responsibilities include adaptation and optimization of customer`s protocols for production; scientific support and improvement of manufacturing methods according to the current needs. Also, Jekaterina is leading the research projects connected with company`s scientific interests and connected with promotion of cellular therapy, such as activation of MSCs for clinical studies and investigation of novel synthetic materials for biomedical applications. Before the work at Cellin Technologies, Jekaterina defended her PhD thesis at Tallinn University of Technology in Gene Technology, studying the effects of alternative splicing of general transcriptional apparatus on stem cell regulation, differentiation, and tumourigenic transformation. She has an experience to work in clinical laboratories, scientific institutes and biotech companies. Jekaterina is the author of 13 scientific papers and 2 patents. In 2017, she was a speaker at TEDx Lasnamäe.

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