Dr. Peter Kjäll

Peter Kjäll is Head of Digital Health at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden. He holds a Ph.D in Medical Sciences from Karolinska Institutet and has worked extensively within multi-disciplinary research and development in the interface between novel ICT technology and medicine as well as being an entrepreneur within the field. His role as Head of RISE Digital Health brings together the expertise, applied research and innovative methodology linked to digital health within RISE and couple that to the Swedish industry and healthcare sector.

The area Digital Health is interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and disruptive with the power and potential of digitization as a common denominator. Digital Health includes expertise in areas such as eHealth, digital medical technology, sensors, diagnostics, treatment, service design, system design, big data, artificial intelligence, clinical decision support, digital genetics and proteomics.

The offer of RISE Digital Health, enables scientifically substantiated and radical approaches to digitalization’s application opportunities in healthcare, care and Life Science as a whole. RISE Digital Health acts as an independent innovation party with strong operational development activities in support of municipalities, county councils, government and industry.

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