Dr. Eiva Bernotienė

State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine

Dr. Eiva Bernotiene has graduated from the Medical study programme at Vilnius University and defended her doctoral degree in Geneva University, Switzerland in 2005. Current position: Head of Department of Regenerative Medicine, IMC. She has experience in both management and research execution gained and implemented while being a Leader of the EU funded project “National Stem Cell Centre; 2006-2008, leader of the partner IMC of the Large Scale International European Commission FP7 project ADIPOA 2010-2014 and the leader of partner IMC of the ESFA project Biological pacemaker research Biocardiostim; 2013-2015.  During the ADIPOA project, adipose tissue stromal cells were used to develop and launch a clinical therapeutic application procedure for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Currently she is a leader of project “Development of injectable biomimetic hydrogels for engineering of cartilage tissue” 2018-2020 and one of principal participants in project “Mechanotransductive L-type Calcium Channels as a Therapeutic Target for Metabolic Modulation of Osteoarthritic Cartilage”. She participated in many other projects, and had long-term study trips to the best research centres in Switzerland, Germany and France. Her presentation at the American Association of the Advancement of Science AAAS Applied Medical Science Conference (Hong Kong) 2011 was awarded a prize. E. Bernotiene’s main research areas include chondrogenic differentiation, regeneration and engineering of cartilage and other tissues, electric conductance in cells, intercellular communication and Ca2+ signalling. She is leading PhD, MSc, and BSc Students.

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