Dr. Aistė Jekabsonė

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Neuroscience Institute

Aistė Jekabsonė is a research fellow at the Neuroscience Institute of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) located in Kaunas, Lithuania. She has MsC in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from Vytautas Magnus University and PhD in Biomedical science from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, where she investigated cell death pathways in ischemic myocardium. As a Postdoc fellow at the University of Cambridge (UK), Biochemistry department, she was working on nitric oxide signaling pathways in stroke models and investigated the role of microglial cells in Alzheimer’s disease. Her research currently focus on the development of more efficient in vitro cell culture models for pathology investigation and drug testing as well as designing novel drug delivery technologies.

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