Charlotte Geerdink

I am Charlotte Geerdink (1987) and the founder of Charly Speaks. By coincidence, I started moderating high level events and found out that I loved doing it. Voilà, my own business case was born! Although I commenced my moderations in the EU science and innovation area in which I worked for more than 8 years, I have meanwhile taken on moderation jobs in different areas as well, from e-government, to personalised medicine and catastrophe protection, just to mention a few.​

I am a Dutch national, fluent in English, German and I have a good command of French. My style of moderating can best be described as informal, relaxed, and witty. It is my aim to bring across complex material in an understandable way. Making the speakers, panellists and audience feel at ease is what I always strive for. In this sense, proper preparation of an event is already 70% of making an event successful, the other 30% is pure entertainment and showtime! My life motto ‘sharing is caring’ is well applicable to both my character and moderation style. I look forward to meeting you at the LSB 2018!

I have experience with moderation at events with small (<50) and large (<400) audiences.

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