International conference

The Life Science Baltics 2021 forum programme will start with keynote speakers such as founders of large organizations and Nobel laureate. After the keynote speakers, the programme is structured in 6 different sessions, addressing the latest topics from digital health, emerging technologies for medicine to the microbiome and its current applications. Each session consists of 3 presentations by industry experts followed by a panel discussion with the speakers. The sessions are different, so everyone will be able to find interesting topics to further gain insights within the life science field.

The speakers are chosen together with the steering committee to make sure that they are trendsetters within their respective fields and have various backgrounds including academia and business. The speakers are coming from across the whole world to share their experience and insights.

Main topics of the conference

Digital Health

Gene Editing & Applications

Emerging Technologies for Medicine

Early Drug Discovery &  Clinical Development

The Perspectives of Personalized Medicine in Practice

Microbiome and Health: Current Applications &   Future Challenges