B2B meetings

International forum Life Sciences Baltics 2021 invites all participants to take full advantage of the B2B meetings from 20-24 September, 2021.

Pre-arranged individual meetings aim to provide a possibility to discuss potential new products, technologies and services, business and research cooperation, technology transfer agreements, find buyers and suppliers and even more.

How it works?

B2B meetings are an easy way to meet potential partners and professionals.  Meetings are held for 30 minutes and usually, it’s enough to build connections or to extend further communication in the different parts of the forum. 

All MEETINGS will be held online via a dynamic and user friendly platform.

MEETING time: 30 mins

If you have any questions regarding B2B meetings, please inform us info@lifesciencesbaltics.com

Please find the list of participants registered to LSB 2021 forum filtered out by sectors here (updated on September 20th):List of companies attending Life Sciences Baltics 2021

A digital version of forum handbook for your convenience 

This is a pdf version of the forum handbook. It contains an updated program (as of September 22), lists of exhibitors, startups and posters, and all other important information to participants. 


Are B2B meetings free of charge?

Absolutely yes! B2B meetings are part of the event, and we hope that during 5 days of Life Sciences Baltics Forum you can meet lots of potential partners. 

When can I start booking my meetings?

The Networking session is opened for participants starting September 6th. You can start booking your meetings just now. We recommend using time slots for pre-scheduled meetings on September 20-24th.

Where is the Networking section?

The Networking section is located on the right side on the Lobby.

How to schedule a B2B meeting?

Meetings can be scheduled through the Chat feature. In order to request a meeting, type a message and introduce yourself. If a person is available online, you may start a video meeting right away by clicking a green camera icon on the right. However, we do recommend to schedule meetings ahead.

Scheduling a B2B meeting using MacBook Safari.

Some MacBook Safari versions do not support B2B Scheduling on MyOnvent platform. Please use Google Chrome or others web browsers instead.  

What is the difference between “online” and “ABC” participants in the Networking section?

“ABC” list of participants includes all registered attendees of the Forum.

“online” list provides only those participants who are online at the moment.

You can start typing company / organization name or country to search for specific participant.

What is the Smart Matching feature?

If you are looking for partners in the specific sector/field, try Matching function. You will have to select one or several industries and participants who selected the same answers will appear on your Matches list. The list will be updated automatically since new participants join the Matching. The Matching can be reached via Networking section.

What is the Filtering tool?

If you are looking for partners in the specific sector/field, please try Filtering tool. You may select one or several industries or/and countries and the participants meeting these criteria will appear on your listThe Filtering tool is on the right side of the Networking menu next to the “reach” field/icon.  

How long the meeting can take?

There is no time limit, however we recommend that one meeting should take no more than 30 minutes.

Where can I check my scheduled meetings?

You can see all your meetings in the Meeting section on the top line of the platform’s dashboard.

Will I receive notification if someone contacts me?

If you are online and other participant sends you a message you will see the notification in the Chats on the top line of the platform’s dashboard. If you are offline while other participants try to reach you, you will receive e-mail notifications.